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How can you make use of a Nifty 3D Photo Viewer to your benefit in Advertising Products and Service.

Picture that you are planning a special conference of trade with abundant photography included. You can consider this as an opportunity to showcase the various products and services to potential customers. At the same time, the team likes to market some of them, providing each guest an elegant 3D photo viewer. Each device has a collection of coils with photos of the subject. Distribution viewers cameras as promotional gift can be a great idea. That said, even the terrific ideas require a solid base for makeup. With the implementation of the case and the good raw material for the coils, a marketing campaign using 3D photo display systems can be a great success or failure of a magnificent. So, it's time to tie up with a series of 3D viewers can be used for the project.

  Old-School Big When it comes to stereoscopic 3D , nothing is much better than the old-fashioned pattern display system . First presented at the 1939 World's Fair , the device is made of hard plastic and has two lenses and a little ' lever on the side to rotate images on the reel. A normal coil is composed of seven pairs of 3D images. The same audience can be produced with official colors and logo of your group . Smaller is better Often, a large 3D viewer can not account for the promotion . You can count that some guests who really enjoy 3D viewers want one that is small enough to fit in a handbag without compromising its functions. As with the larger device can be adapted to the customer's preferences . Paper Thin A business that offers custom 3D display devices capable of generating less bulky pop -up viewers for you. These are commonly made ​​of cardboard and are initially set flat for easy use . A display of pop -ups can be made ​​from a collection of images provided by the client or photos taken in concert with the company's own photographers . The ecological aspect of these is also focused on the truth that they are made of recyclable materials. Pop-ups are feasible for marketing campaigns with a mail-in promotion. A photo viewer with picture reels will work efficiently if the event has a number of visual aids . For example, a product presentation that is recreated in coils can help visitors to experience again and again.

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